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    • 5-Meo-DIBF

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    • Buy 5-Methoxy-N,N-diisopropylbenzofuranethylamine drugs online is a psychedelic that has been sold online as a designer drug and was first definitively identified in December 2015 by a forensic laboratory.
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    • Summary: Motherboard outlines the bureaucratic process for obtaining pharmaceutical grade MDMA for research by examining MAPS’ ongoing clinical trials to make MDMA-assisted psychotherapy into an FDA-approved prescription medicine.
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    • ketamine powder

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    • Ketamine is a hallucinogenic dissociative and anaesthetic that is used in both humans and animals for medical purposes. It was synthesised in 1962, and used in anaesthesia as an alternative to phencyclidine (PCP) which caused powerful, long lasting hallucinations and psychotic symptoms. Today it is often used as an anaesthetic in children or those undergoing minor surgery. It is most…
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    • Mephedrone

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    • Mephedrone Crystal, 4-Methylmethcathinone powder is one of hundreds of designer drugs . or legal highs that have been reported in recent years, including artificial chemicals such as synthetic cannabis and semisynthetic substances such as methylhexanamine. These drugs are primarily developed to avoid being controlled by laws against illegal drugs, thus giving
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