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BK EBDP (often called ephylone) is an energizer compound. Research result shows that Ephylone has comparable impacts regarding ethylone. So this product is planned for forensic applications, and also not meant for human or animal intake.

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ephylone is likewise a chemical study compound that is classified as a stimulant. The IUPAC name for ephylone Crystals is (benzo [d] [1,3] dioxo1-5-y1) -2-( ethylamino) pentan-1-one. β-Keto-3,4- methylenedioxy-alpha-propyl-N-ethyl-phenethylamine (Ephylone, BK-Ethyl-K, BK-EBDP) is an energizer substance developed in the 1960s, identified in some samples of powders sold as “ETHYL-K”.

Ephylone Brown, as it’s even more typically known, but additionally referred to as bk-Ethyl-K, is an interesting brand-new research chemical that we currently supply on wholesale supply. Europe Chemicals have ephylone BROWN offer for sale online with a compound purity over 99,2% in brown crystal type.

ephylone (in some cases called ephylone) is a stimulant compound. Research result reveals that Ephylone has comparable results regarding ethylone. So this item is meant for forensic applications, as well as not planned for human or animal consumption.

BK-EBDP ephylone is a legal designer chemical or research study chemical, Finest Buy is legitimate chemicals vendor and suppliers supplying research chemicals for 5 years. by purchasing at our online store site you will get a safe as well as very easy shopping experience, and this is where to buy ideal and cheap china research study chemical, the United States europe uk nederland canada research chemical sources. please do not hesitate buy bk-ebdp ephylone from us.

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