Product Name: 2-NMC
Cas No: n/d
MF: n/d
Production Capacity:300Kilogram/month
Apperance:  Crystals
Purity: above 99.5%

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2 nmc crystal is a relatively new artificial stimulant carefully related to the cathinone family, comparable in several means to Ephedrine, Methcathinone, N,N-DMA as well as Mephedrone. It is likewise classed as a substituted anilide, making it really beneficial as a sample for analytical recommendation. It may also be useful for neuro-chemists or artificial drug stores.

Is 2-NMC a dangerous drug in your jurisdiction?

2-NMC is a reasonably new product, and also it is to understood to be regulated or to need any kind of unique licensing or handling authorizations in any major jurisdictions. However, it is the purchaser’s obligation to check any type of local laws, legislations or requirements, and also to ensure that their order adheres to them. Many study chemicals of the cathinone family members can fall under a large interpretation of ‘analogues’ to specific controlled designer drugs, so caution remains in order.

What is 2-NMC

2-NMC is likewise called N-Methyl-N-p-tolyl-isobutyramide and also C12H17NO. It belongs to the replaced cathinone household of energizers.

We do not know a great deal concerning the pharmacology of 2-NMC It is thought to react extremely similarly to Methcathinone, though. Because of this, it has numerous homes of an amphetamine, acting both as a dopamine release stimulator as well as a reuptake prevention. Molecularly talking, it is hydrophobic and must not interfere with monoamine transportation.

Possible Side-Effects of 2-NMC.
2-NMC is very new, and also few if any type of researches have been done on its toxicology or results. It is occasionally mis-used as a ‘designer drug’, though, so there are some scattered records of its perceived effects. It seems to have substantial mood elevation results, along with adverse effects such as euphoria. When utilized recreationally, the chemical is normally insufflated or taken orally. There is no confirmed information on whether the method of use alters its impacts.

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